Day 888 for Prez 666

Yesterday, my capacity for rage over-topped my facility for language: I was dumbstruck by dumb and evil.

Pretty sure he’s found his Lord.

Today, there are too many things to say.

To recap: this morning, Deedle Dumpling got in his big aereoplane and flew off to Japan, pausing to engage in some light-hearted bullying and jovial intimidation.

  • He got Japan and/or the G-20 to remove offensive language about global warming that might NOT hasten humanity’s extinction.
  • He managed to ejaculate that it’s none of our business what he talks to Putin about.

Oh, and …

  • Was confronted with the viral story of the father and daughter fished out of the Rio Grande.*
  • Denied that his immigration policies had anything to do with the drowned father and daughter fished out of the Rio Grande. And blamed Democrats:
  • “I hate it. I know it could stop immediately if the Democrats changed the law. They have to change the laws. That father, who probably was this wonderful guy, with his daughter, things like that wouldn’t happen. Because that journey across that river, that journey across that river is a very dangerous journey.”

Oh, and U.S asylum officers, through their union, have filed suit against the Trump Administration, which is damned near to polite rebellion:

 Washington Post: U.S. asylum officers say Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy is threatening migrants’ lives, ask federal court to end it

And did I mention that the first debate of the two ten-candidate debates is either raging or has just finished raging?

Or that former Special Counsel  and now private citizen Robert Mueller will appear to testify before the Judiciary Committee?

Oh and now that the border situation is a REAL disaster, GOPs are scolding Democrats who had formerly called it* a manufactured crisis.

Which is something akin to hypochondriac’s gravestone inscription: “See? I TOLD you I was sick!”

(* “It” being the 50-year low in border crossings Deedle Dumpling inherited from President Obama.)

Well, one way or another, it’s going to be a hot summer.

Because all hell has broken loose.




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One response to “Day 888 for Prez 666

  1. jim

    Repugnant is a word that comes to mind often when I hear or think of tRump. And he makes me throw up in my mouth a little when I see him speak. Where are all the MADD mothers? It’s getting time for FIGHTING IN THE STREETS, BOYS!

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