A Valentine’s Day Surprise

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The fractal heart

For some reason, the local alternative paper decided to “out” me. I say this because when I got to town, there were giant billboards stating REAL MEN DON’T NEED PORN.

But then, I have never tried to hide my past, so it’s not all that important. In this modern world, I am presented with a dilemma: my profession demands self-promotion (a/k/a ‘bragging’) as a distasteful and yet necessary part of marketing.

I have always hated it, but it’s here, so here it is.

Today, I should note, would have been my late namesake father’s 95th birthday.  Yes, he was a “Hart” born on Valentine’s Day. True, that. So, wherever you are, Dad, happy birthday. Your kid is now famous.

The local alternative paper, the Eugene Weekly, asked me about an issue I have some expertise in. Then they wrote this. Kind of weird to “out” me and my wife in such a public manner in a city known for its antipathy to the subject matter, but there you have it.


The Year of the iPorn
Former pornographer living in Eugene says dirty films are going mobile
POSTED ON 02/13/2020
In pornography, size really does matter — though not the way you might think.

Think small size, like an iPhone instead of a film studio. “It turns out 2019 was a watershed year,” Hart Williams says. “It was the first year in which the majority of content was both produced and consumed on mobile devices.”

Williams, who has lived in Eugene since 1993, has excellent porn credentials. He wrote hardcore movies and videos in California’s San Fernando Valley — the Hollywood of X-rated flicks — from the late 1970s to the mid ’80s….

“dirty films”? Right. The “enlightened” liberal culture has always been Puritanical as hell about porn, no matter what First Amendment issues are involved. Why? Well, as a law professor at the University of Oregon stated, when I debated her at a Lane Community College forum, “It’s icky!”


I was nominated for one of these X-Rated Critics Awards in 1985.

So, the bad puns and the vague judgment — albeit knowing that the “dirty movies” callout above wasn’t written by the writer, but by editorial staff. We have this instead:

I called Williams, whom I met years ago while he was working for the Democratic Party of Oregon, and asked him to describe the state of pornography in 2020. He asked me to give him a few days so he could call old friends and “bone up” on the business. [emphasis added]

Ha ha ha. “Bone up.” Get it?!??


Hart Williams and Gloria Leonard
Gloria Leonard and Hart Williams,
1986 XRCO Awards, at Gazzarri’s 
on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood
(photo credit: James Avalon)

Anyway, that’s just business as usual, and expected. So, no criticism, but just an observation.

The Left has NEVER “gotten” porn, and probably never will. Or, as that nice lady I met at an art exhibition of Tantric erotica from India, seeing my “Hustler” nametag, said: “My friend thinks that what you do is DISGUSTING!

EW article

Click here for article

So, “bone up” on this little “state of the industry” and “letting the community know that it has a former pornographer and his wife living in it,” article and I’ll enjoy the advancement of my career and reputation as an author, while you appreciate all the free publicity I’m being given.

I’m sure that my phone will now be ringing off the hook with interview requests.

Bob did a decent job. I don’t fault or criticize him. The bad puns come with the territory.

Portrait of woman with gothic skeleton makeup showing silence gesture

That’s not too HARD to understand is it?

Hard” — get it? GET IT?!??

Hyuck hyuck hyuck.

OK. Enough egoboo frivolity.

The article link will probably expire in a couple of weeks, so for evergreen’s sake, here’s the Internet Archive page opened to the article itself:

And here is the link to download the archived .pdf file for the entire issue:

So, I’m famous for my misspent youth. Now what?

The author with Jesie St. James
at the 1980 Erotica Awards show.
Photo: James Avalon



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