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The Trouble With Statues

Here’s a story for you:

Wilson Center [Princeton University]:

Statement from The Wilson Center  —  The Wilson Center was chartered by Congress in 1968 as the official memorial to President Wilson.  The namesake of our institution – while a visionary in international affairs – held racist views and implemented racist policies as President of Princeton University and as President of this country…

And here’s a word for you: iconoclast. Continue reading


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Wild in the Streets

Ah, a poll! Just the thing for a news story when you don’t have any news to report:

 Mark Murray / NBC News:

Poll: 80 percent of voters say things are out of control in the U.S.  —  WASHINGTON — Eight out of 10 voters believe that things are out of control in the United States, with majorities still concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, pessimistic about the economy returning to normal before next year and down on President Donald Trump’s ability to unite the nation.…

Yes. The train is off the rails, but I wonder if people actually realize just how far that actually is.

Here’s another quote from NBC news from the past 24 hours, and it OUGHT to scare hell out of you:

They said they came with shotguns, rifles and pistols to protect their downtown businesses from outsiders. They had heard that antifa, paid by billionaire philanthropist George Soros, were being bused in from neighboring cities, hellbent on razing their idyllic town.

That’s the NBC news story about the “Black Lives Matter” protest in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Continue reading

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