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Narrative News as (well-intentioned but dangerous) Propaganda

NOTE: This post originally appeared in The Moderate Voice on March 17, 2021. WordPress has changed to a new and useless composing system that’s taken a month to disable.

Cops: Shooting suspect says he targeted spas because of sexual addiction
Shaddi Abusaid / Atlanta Journal-Constitution

—  Cherokee sheriff says 21-year-old bought gun hours earlier  —  Cherokee County Sheriff Frank Reynolds said Wednesday the suspect in a metro Atlanta spa shooting spree that killed eight people bought the gun he used hours earlier.

Eight murders in Atlanta neatly fell into the (politically correct) narrative. Alas, it quickly appeared that a DIFFERENT narrative was in evidence, and no one seems to want to talk about that.

Worse, guest after guest on cable news has explicitly rejected the “sex addiction” narrative so as to pursue the “anti-Asian bias” narrative.

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