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I Told You So When No One Would Listen

A feast of crow for our national media. Shame. Shame.

Devil standing behind office worker. Unfair business concept.

Not all press inspirations are angelic in nature.

This is what I wrote on St. Patrick’s Day, this year”: [“Narrative News as (well-intentioned but dangerous) Propaganda”]

Eight murders in Atlanta neatly fell into the (politically correct) narrative. Alas, it quickly appeared that a DIFFERENT narrative was in evidence, and no one seems to want to talk about that.

Worse, guest after guest on cable news has explicitly rejected the “sex addiction” narrative so as to pursue the “anti-Asian bias” narrative.

WTF people?

The truth is the truth and the facts are the facts unless you are locked in a fundamentalist worldview/mindset in which facts are only meaningful if their cherry-picking advances a pre-existing narrative.

Yes, mindless racism against Asian-Americans (discounting Indians, who, like Egyptians, look wrong to fit their respective continental stereotypes) is bad and wrong.

But so is the American HATRED of sex and sexuality. (Ask Larry Flynt, who was paralyzed by such a screwloose. He’s dead, so you’ll need a medium or a Ouija board).)

But this didn’t fit the narrative of beating our breasts and putting on sackcloth and ashes over anti-Asian racism. Nope. The corpses were humped in furtherance of political ends, and that always ends badly. So, today: Continue reading

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Afghanistan – The End of the Tar Baby Story

h/t dvorasnell

American Soldiers FOB Baylough – Dept of Defense photo

At the end of the day — as we always should have known — we’d be gone and the Taliban would still be in Afghanistan.

U.S. Leaves Its Last Afghan Base, Effectively Ending Operations

Thomas Gibbons-Neff / New York Times

July 2, 2021Updated 9:33 a.m. ET
KABUL, Afghanistan — American troops and their Western allies have departed Bagram, Afghanistan’s largest air base, officials said on Friday, turning over to the Afghan government the sprawling outpost from which the United States waged war for nearly two decades.

With little fanfare and no public ceremony, American troops left the base on Thursday night, U.S. and Afghan officials said. The closure effectively means that major U.S. military operations in Afghanistan are all but over.…

I wrote this many years ago: Continue reading

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