The Non-Enemy of the People Strikes Again

Here’s the article, which came out last night:

How Biden sparked a global uproar with nine ad-libbed words about Putin|

By declaring that the Russian leader ‘cannot remain in power,’ the U.S. president seemed to suggest a drastic change in U.S. policy — prompting a scramble by White House officials
Washington Post
By Tyler Pager  and Matt Viser
Yesterday at 7:25 p.m. EDT

I read said article. I also got up this morning and listened to the “sober” CNN reporter asking a member o the Ukrainian Parliament about it.

“This has caused a huge amount of contr0versy back in Washington,” quoth the Non-Enemy of the People.

Yeah. I watched the speech in Poland. And I watched the Washington press decide, in the middle of an existential crisis for Ukraine, and for Poland and for NATO, decide, out of the blue, to play “gotcha” in the midst of a  world crisis.

But they’re not the “Enemies of the People” as TFG used to call them. They’re just acting as “bulwarks of Democracy!” and “our free press that keeps us from tyranny” and “Noble Pressman and Women who stare at their perfect teeth in the mirror before making everything else about themselves.”

You know, I’ve done this for a lot of years, and I realize that the high-minded buffoon will disagree and claim that “it’s news!” and all the rest, but I will merely state that here, our Non-Enemies of the People have managed to embarrass and harm Poland, Ukraine, NATO and the USA at the same time by doing Vladimir Putin’s work FOR him, and making their Washington “parse” and “gaffe” game more important than all three.


Because they’re the “bulwarks of freedom,” you know, like PRAVDA. Yeah, they sure showed that “censored” Kremlin press what a “free” press looks like: they reserve the right to turn foreign policy into “OUR” policy and as they created the gaffe, I watched overnight as it spread and became the entire story, rather than everything around it and the life-0r-death circumstances that our “Non-Enemies of the People” decided to lay at Vladimir Putin’s feet like the warm offering to some jungle god in an old B-movie.


Let’s get this straight, you “defenders of liberty”: I learned a long time ag0 that I had an obligation to NOT cause harm and senseless destruction with my typewriter. I learned that a single bad word or line in an article going out to three million people could cause sincere harm.

No: SINCERE harm. It is an astonishing and sobering power, and our Non-Enemies seem to have no clue. It’s all about THEM.

So I learned to WATCH myself when I wrote. Because simple ethics allowed no other option.

But not our Non-Enemies of the People. Nosiree.

Talking heads gotta talk

I want you to check out the ENTIRE last quarter of the WaPo’s article, car3efully spread by Phillip Rucker on Twitter, that Non-Enemy of the People, even though it wasn’t his article. Non-Enemies of the People need clicks too:

“There is within Biden’s comment a kernel of truth,” Rothkopf said. “Vladimir Putin can’t lay waste to a country, kill tens of thousands of civilians, commit serial war crimes and expect to be welcomed back into the community of nations. If Russia wants to be part of the community of nations, then they are going to have to produce change.”

Biden entered office with significant foreign policy experience and frequently touted his relationships with world leaders and ability to forge diplomatic compromise.

But if some other leaders operate as discrete poker players with cards close to their chest, Biden has often failed to hide his true intentions and thoughts when he is before a microphone.

The man who once confessed, “I am a gaffe machine,” has a long history of veering from the carefully crafted text of his speechwriters, and the inability to control his words has been a running joke among staffers for decades.

“I feel very capable of using my mouth in sync with my mind,” he told reporters, with more than a hint of defensiveness, in 1987.

At the launch of his 2008 campaign, Biden came under criticism for calling Barack Obama “the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” Later, as Obama’s vice president, Biden was captured on a microphone whispering an expletive to Obama at the bill signing for the landmark health care law.

Biden drew significant ire from Obama and his aides when he announced his support for same-sex marriage before Obama or many other prominent politicians.

During the presidential campaign, Biden referred to Margaret Thatcher instead of the more recent British prime minister Theresa May, and he misstated when he had met with students impacted by a shooting in Parkland, Fla.

As president, aides have often worked to keep him on message. Sometimes that means limited exposure in formal settings — he waited longer than any president in at least a century to hold his first formal news conference — and it also means trying to keep him tightly to a script.

But there is little any aide can do when the president decides to extend his remarks and tuck in, almost as an aside, a declaration that he wants to see Putin removed from power.

“God bless you all. And may God defend our freedom,” he said after suggesting Putin’s removal. “And may God protect our troops. Thank you for your patience. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Wow: the entire last 1/4 of the article is a straight up attack on the American President. Could TASS have done more for Putin?

I doubt it.

So it’s all about the “gaffe” and not a bit about, oh, say, the life of Ukrainians, the humanitarian crisis in Poland and Europe, or the situation at home.

It’s only about the “gaffe” — even when most leaders and many quoted in the article say it’s not a huge deal.

What do you mean “NOT A HUGE DEAL”? ask our Non-Enemies of the People.

After all, when you always ALWAYS add “chaotic” or a similar adjective to the Afghan withdrawal EVERY TIME, ,there’s no agenda at work.

And I’m not the Easter Bunny. What color would you like your eggs.

Short: the Non-Enemies of the People managed, in ten minutes from the speech, to turn the story about Biden and Poland/Ukraine/NATO into yet another beltway tussle over what a “gaffe machine” Joe Biden is.

Because that’s all that counts. World War III? Ridiculous. Who cares?

And all that famed “bulwarking of democracy” will have to wait until Wolf Blitzer can manage to save his ancient and sorry ass from the obscurity he seems to so richly deserve.

American MSM and Russian TASS: a plague on both your houses.

“Democracy Dies in Darkness”? (The Washington Post motto.)

How about Democracy dies in the narcissist light of journalists who don’t know what journalism IS.

I am also certain that this will fall entirely on deaf ears, but at least it’s written down.

Sorry Ukraine. Network news faces are far more important than YOUR fate.

A story carefully generated and put forward as the ONLY story about President Biden’s speech in Poland.

A press distortion of an actual event that has now taken on a life SUPERIOR TO the original event. The story has, in fact, been hijacked by these Non-Enemies of the People.

“Be ye not afraid”? Nope: be totally afraid, because the Non-Enemies of the People will probably miss the missiles heading over the water.

You know: that makeup mirror needs constant attending by our narcissists.



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2 responses to “The Non-Enemy of the People Strikes Again

  1. PutinThePuss

    I loathe the EOP with the heat and intensity of 10,000 burning suns and I wouldn’t shed a tear if they all dropped dead tomorrow and I realize it seems incredibly harsh, but I have been watching the narcissistic bastards tear this country apart for 35 years — I AM DONE.


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