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Is SCOTUS About to Screw US?

As I write this, it’s May 23, with perhaps a month less in the Supreme Court’s season.

The court has taken no interest in the massive corruption scandal brewing around it, but, worse, a HUGE number of cases remain unresolved.  26 cases have been resolved, but 36 cases remain. We have never seen anything like this.

And given SCOTUS’ penchant for destroying the fabric of American society, this has to be troubling.

May 25: SCOTUS Guts clean water protections. Continue reading

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An Open Letter To John Roberts

We were both National Merit Scholars in the same year, along with Bill Gates. It’s our 50th high school reunion. We both graduated between the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes when Secretariat won the Triple Crown. I went into writing, you went into law. So, please take some advice from a contemporary:

This ain’t gonna get better. It’s going to metastasize.

Everyone but a partisan Republican knows that a Supreme Court Justice accepting a half-million dollar vacation from a party with issues before the court is wrong. Prima facie.

Quid pro quo doesn’t matter. It has the appearance of corruption and Caesar’s wife must be BEYOND reproach.

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