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Branded: Barr-None

White House and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release
 New York Times

—  WASHINGTON — Robert S. Mueller III’s findings will be public on Thursday, but some of them will not be news to President Trump.  —  Justice Department officials have had numerous conversations …

These facts are indisputable:

William Barr had prejudged the Mueller investigation — his letter delineating that prejudice got him his job interview, and, subsequently, his job.

The ethics lawyers at Justice had, for that reason, advised that he recuse himself from that investigation.

Barr overruled them.

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Trump and the Smallpox Blankets


Trump wants to drop off southern border detainees in “Sanctuary Cities.” And no one even blinks. Just another crazy news story in another crazy news cycle.  beg to differ. This is one of the most horrific and consequential acts of an already horrific and consequential presi-dfunce-y thus far. And we would do well to cultivate our outrage.

Trump’s plan to send migrant detainees to sanctuary cities draws concerns about cost, legality
Maria Sacchetti / Washington Post

—  Should President Trump follow through on a proposal to release migrants in U.S. “sanctuary cities,” it would be a major departure from the way federal agencies are handling detainees.

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