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The Festival of Mendacity™ — Law & Order Edition

Trump set to skewer Biden in convention address
Alex Isenstadt / Politico

“We have spent the last four years reversing the damage Joe Biden inflicted over the last 47 years,” the president will say, according to excerpts provided to POLITICO. President Donald Trump will unload on Joe Biden in a blistering convention speech Thursday night, according to two people familiar with the address…

There MUST be a certain horror attendant to a “media” who collectively watch a blatantly criminal conspiracy and flouting of law by using Federal property (The White House, the White House [formerly] Rose Garden, Fort McHenry, the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium*) to enhance their pursuit of “reelection” of a man who shows not the slightest interest in law, nor in serving the people nor anything, frankly, other than serving himself.

A blatant crime (against the Hatch Act — which my parents obeyed during their entire professional lives as civil servants) is being committed in broad daylight, but that selfsame Quisling press that betrayed us in 2016 is hard about it again. Good ghod: Pompeo flacking Trump’s re-election from Jerusalem?!?? (An actual crime.)

We need to REMEMBER that once the complicit senators “acquitted” Trump of killing people to rig this election … er, withholding military aid in time of war to shake down the President of Ukraine … that’s when Trump knew that no law could constrain him and HE’S RUBBING OUR NOSES IN IT!

[* A federal building. NAFTA was signed there, ironically. “In April 1930, President Herbert Hoover proposed building a $2 million “Departmental Auditorium” to connect the Labor and ICC buildings. President Hoover laid the cornerstones for the Labor/ICC building on December 15, 1932.” Wikipedia]

But the Quisling press can’t seem to find their outrage. Perhaps because for the first time in American history, six major corporations own most media outlets. Continue reading

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