Back in the Saddle Again

Hart is BACK!

I know I said I was semi-retired, but the RNC auto da fé in Cleveland has convinced me that this election is such a clear and present danger to our democracy that remaining silent would be an act of omission on the order of treason, and I am returning to the fight for the duration.



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Heads They Win; Tails We Lose


The evidence that this election was NOT on the up and up continues to appear, apace. (Links below)

But I am not going to make an argument on that basis. The Psy-Ops rangers have neatly muddied the waters to the point that exit polls are dismissed — even though their accuracy is such that UN election monitors use them as prima fascie evidence that elections worldwide are either on the up and up or have been manipulated.

No: I want to explain WHY I am resisting and why the civil war is already underway.

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The Gory Details

On November 4th, at 6 AM, my old friend cellulitis made a surprise visit, as I suddenly began to get chills that seemed more like I was on an arctic expedition with only a sheet, than my warm bedroom with a nice blanket. I immediately ran to the medicine cabinet and took the antibiotics that I have on hand for just such an emergency. Got under the blankets and rode out the teeth-chattering chills. A few later, the fever broke and I had to swap out my entirely soaked t-shirt for a dry one. Kept up my regimen all day Friday and Saturday. It didn’t get worse; but it didn’t get better, either. Continue reading

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Disinformation, Espionage and Collaboration

Blocks Spelling Crisis

The latest questionable document from Wikileaks hits an uncritical and credulous “media”:

Here Are Hillary Clinton’s Three Speeches To Goldman Sachs For Which She Was Paid $675,000
Tyler Durden /

—  As has been widely reported, in 2013 Hillary Clinton was paid $675,000 for three speeches to Goldman Sachs.  One was delivered on June 4, 2013 at the 2013 IBD CEO Annual Conference at The Inn …

As foreign entities openly attempt alter the outcome of a US presidential election, the outrage has been, to be kind, muted. Alas, within my unreconstructed citizen’s soul — from cub scouts to boy scouts, from a page at the Wyoming Republican Convention to a delegate from Oregon at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles — there burns a red-hot rage at those who would so casually dismiss treason and threats to our true “national sovereignty” and, worse, those whose committment to America is lukewarm at best, and who believe in the convenient trope “the US Government” and its subliterate twin, “the gum’mint.” Continue reading

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How the Democrats can Exploit the Rout


Here’s an interesting bit of news that hasn’t been seen since Teddy Roosevelt seceded from the GOP and ended up electing Woodrow Wilson, the Republican party is in utter disarray:

Carson defends Ryan from Trump’s attacks
Jonathan Easley / The Hill

—  adviser Ben Carson came to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s defense on Tuesday and criticized the Republican presidential nominee [Donald Trump] for exacerbating an intraparty feud less than a month before the election…

This is the moment in human conflict where a huge disparity arises and a rare opportunity presents itself.

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Putin’s Valentine Falls Flat

What an interesting five minutes!

Take a gander:


And then, five minutes later


Not a slow news day. But the hackers ought to have known that this was a dumb day to try to break their “exposé.”

Zowie! This was what I was blogging about …. Continue reading

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Mathoms From the Land of Trump


 Snow on my car in Laramie after a surprise storm last week.

They don’t occupy a world of facts, do they?

Trump angry at allies conceding he lost debate

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump is angry that his aides and advisers have conceded to reporters — largely without attribution — that the Republican nominee struggled in his first presidential debate.  —  In a conference call …

The bully was holding forth loudly at the “continental breakfast” at the Ramada in Laramie, Wyoming. “Hillary ought to be in jail!” he opined at a volume level quite inappropriate to noon, let alone six in the morning. But he didn’t care. He was a failed professional baseball player from Louisiana, according to his loud braying. He was in Wyoming to kill something that couldn’t shoot back, probably an elk or a deer, but I don’t keep up with the slaughter  calendar. Continue reading

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The Fix Is In

I am not prone to conspiracy theories — even though I uncovered at least one national conspiracy.  I have seen enough of the world to know that, while small men have their delusions of grandeur and of being the captains of everyone’s soul, the force of history — for want of a better term — has ideas of its own and always wins an arm-wrestling match, no matter how drunk you get it or how you might try to cheat it. Which is the only notion here that gives me hope.


But look at what the “news” is at the top of Memeorandum as I speak:

Donald Trump Wants Peter Thiel On The Supreme Court, Sources Say
The Huffington Post

Donald Trump has made it clear he will nominate Peter Thiel to the Supreme Court if he wins the presidency, Thiel has told friends, according to a source close to the PayPal co-founder. Trump “deeply loves Peter Thiel,” and people in the real estate mogul’s inner circle are talking about Thiel as a Supreme Court nominee, a separate source close to Trump told The Huffington Post. That source, who has not spoken to Trump directly about Thiel being nominated to the Court, cautioned that Trump’s offers often fail to materialize in real life…

This notion is absurd, is not going to pass muster in Congress and serious adults would relegate it to the “joke” section of any news reporting. Instead, it dominates the “news” today. Why?

Because there is a media conspiracy to elect Donald Trump, whether intentional or not. And it scares hell out of me. Continue reading

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