The War on Women is Real


The war on women  became a shooting war today (as though it weren’t already) as the latest target of the rabid anti-abortion anti-choice forces who believe that real women are trumped by imaginary babies was attacked by a murderous gunman, killing real people to save potential babies.

“We still have a gunman that is out there,” a police spokeswoman says
Jesse Paul / Denver Post:

At least one police officer has been injured in an ongoing active shooter situation at a Colorado Springs branch of Planned Parenthood Friday afternoon.  —  Lt. Catherine Buckley, a Colorado Springs police spokeswoman …

There. I have revealed my horrible bias in the first line of the lede and we’ll talk about what is going to happen, as is customary in current big time media. Continue reading

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Trump, Carson and Pavlov’s Dog

I need to start with a bit of “Reality 101” here: Celine Dion sang a tribute to France on the American Music Awards Sunday Night. And she was unmistakably, painfully, blatantly flat. I mean, the Grateful Dead sound like they have perfect pitch next to what was a sonically painful, make-you-wince performance.

And not only was this NOT mentioned in any major news story I could find on Google, but the few commenters so foolish as to point it out were NEGATED, belittled and dismissed for their foolish assertion that the “moving” performance that “brought the audience to tears” was NOT the iconic musical performance that everyone was touting. Continue reading

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I Wish I Was Making This Up …

But, alas, I am not:

great moments in journalism

And it wasn’t (as one FB commenter asked) a confusion with hydrogen. No: they meant that they didn’t know that helium isn’t flammable. There was no ambiguity in their idiocy.

Continue reading

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Smiling For Muldoon

The borogoves were, reportedly, mimsy.

gop terror

In a partial score, the mome raths have been outgrabe by six. More numbers to follow.


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Fiddling While Home Burns

Something wicked this way comes.

NY Times Launches Its Jew-Tracker [Updated]
Steven Hayward / Power Line

 The New York Times today offers up a table examining the Democratic (but not Republican) Senators and House members opposed to Obama’s Iran agreement, noting whether they are Jewish and the proportion of Jewish constituents in their state or district …

Yeah. “Jew Tracker.” That WOULD have drawn a lot of justified ire just a few years ago, but the racial animus and religious animus of angry America has reached a fever pitch. Just in time for Nine Lebbin.


Whilst the hypnotized and sanitized mass media (endless coverage of the still relatively meaningless polling data for an election STILL well over a year away) seem otherwise engaged, something has come over the transom that I feel you ought to know about: Continue reading

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Hiroshima — Seventy Years On

Here it comes again, the hand-wringing, and the moralizing and the rest of it. The New Yorker reprints their 1946 piece on the 1945 bombing:

John Hersey / New Yorker

At exactly fifteen minutes past eight in the morning, on August 6, 1945, Japanese time, at the moment when the atomic bomb flashed above Hiroshima, Miss Toshiko Sasaki, a clerk in the personnel department of the East Asia Tin Works, had just sat down at her place …


Operation Meetinghouse, Tokyo, March 10, 1945 — the single deadliest
bombing attack of World War II, carried out with conventional bombs.
Estimated more than 200,000 dead. 

I partly grew up in Santa Fe, and lived there again in the early Nineties, and the hyper-liberal “We’re Sorry” demonstrations at Los Alamos (thirty miles away) were part and parcel of the fabric of the place. Let’s start here: Continue reading


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Happy Moon Day!

In light of the recent jingoism of the Pluto fly-by (which I had hoped we were bigger than — after all, what looks sillier than those getting the first view of our furthest “planet” standing around waving US flags?) it’s a good time to remember the wording of that plaque we left behind on all our Apollo missions:

Apollo 11.plaque

“We came in peace for all mankind.”

The Apollo missions taught us that we were all spacemen huddled together on that one small blue marble whirling in the Stygian void of space.  Continue reading

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