Law With No Rules

Trump’s bewildering national emergency press conference, annotated
Washington Post

—  President Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border on Friday — but not without making a scene full of false claims, offbeat comments and tense exchanges…

We are about to plunge into Constitutional crisis as I write this, and none of the talking heads seems to think that it’s much of a big deal. [UPDATE: Crisis now enacted.] Oh sure, some claim that the federal courts (so freshly packed with Mitch McConnell/Federalist Society hanging judges) will protect us.  Yeah.

Some believe that Congress will protect us. Right.

And some even believe that the Republic will endure. Sure.

Make no mistake: this is a Caesar moment: the “president” declares himself First Citizen and rules by fiat (no: not the Italian car). Continue reading

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The Dog and Pony Show; Trump’s SOTU

Peter Baker / New York Times  —  WASHINGTON — President Trump was set to deliver what aides called a message of bipartisan unity on Tuesday night in his first address to Congress in the new era of divided government, but any hope of harmony was dispelled long before he left the White House.

The true State of the Union? Parlous.

There IS no middle of the road position in America today

It begins, as our Toddler-In-Chief enters the House chamber. Continue reading

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Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity

[ Vanity, vanity … etc.: Ecclesiastes 1:2]

© Hart Williams

Hannity, Hannity, fatter than a Manatee…
       ~ John Cleese, from a poem by

Yes, Virginia, this IS a fisking, but a needed and almost never seen in my writings, fisking of a Lonesome Rhodes sort of display in the mass media that ought to shock us, both as an absurdist but dangerous defense of the Madness of Donald Trump, and as a flagrant example of the deterioration — even rotting — of academic standards once held in highest regard by an educated society that considered education the KEY to rising in that society. Just ask Abraham Lincoln, who is peripherally involved in all of this, as we shall see.

I have just had a sort of epiphany of sophistry. This is not hyperbolic, nor is what I have to say controversial, save that it might offend some of those from whom the epiphanic state was engendered. Now, bearing in mind that this sophistry — the tree that produces no fruit whatsoever — is only explainable by laying it out in reverse, I will, withholding certain information until the denouement, begin thusly: Continue reading

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Let us go down, and there confound their language

Happy New Year!

Here’s a fun true story about NOT hiring a bilingual proof reader:

Many years ago, I got a job typesetting for a company that specialized in supermarket flyers. Several of our accounts were for flyers in Spanish. But, like good Orange County, Cali. gringos, they couldn’t be bothered to hire a bilingual proofreader. Came the new year, in giant HEADLINE type:
Continue reading


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Our Fourteenth Annual Christmas Radio Show!

Jan. 1 2019 UPDATE: The show has been taken down. Link no longer works.

Welcome to his vorpal sword‘s  Fourteenth Annual Presentation of “The Saint Nick Case,” a Christmas radio play of approximately one-half hour.

The Saint Nick Case for radio was written by Hart Williams in 1986, and performed on KOPT AM radio for Christmas 2005.

Click for the radio play

For a special treat,  The KOPT Radio Theater Players in the 2005 production of “The St. Nick Case,” in wide-spectrum, full color stereo. The radio play was broadcast live on Eugene’s Air America affiliate KOPT-AM 1600 on December 23, 2005. Continue reading

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Shameless Plug

I’m out of jail. Finally. Five months of twelve have been spent being capriciously punished by Facebook.

Oh, and not able to do my Christmas marketing. Have a look. It’s only 60 seconds.


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America At Its Best

Some of you know that I carried out a lengthy blog campaign in the summer and fall of 2006 against a secretive group of libertarian cronies of the Koch Brothers, going back AT LEAST to David Koch’s Vice Presidential campaign in 1980 with Ed Clark as the standard-bearer.

I phrase that last very carefully, because, even at the time, they were clearly working at Koch’s behest and paycheck and walked out of the Libertarian Party together a few years later. What I uncovered was what the mainstream media still can’t wrap their heads around: these guys spawn 501(c)3 charities and 501(c)4 “civic leagues” at a rate that would awe a rabbit.*

[* And, following the phony “IRS scandal” that the right wing flayed and pilloried the agency with for years, those organizations are, more or less, off limits to IRS scrutiny.]

But if you focus on the people, they keep showing up again and again and again.

And that’s where James Crumley comes in. Continue reading

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