Least Surprising Crime in History, Alleged

In perhaps the least surprising scandal in human history,

House investigating whether Trump lied to Mueller
Katelyn Polantz / CNN

Washington (CNN) The House of Representatives is now investigating whether President Donald Trump lied to special counsel Robert Mueller in written answers he provided in the Russia investigation, the House’s general counsel said in federal court Monday….

Donald J. (as in “Judas”) Trump lied to the Mueller investigators, under oath?

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Socrates and the Barbarians

Or, Use The Mace (If Needs Be)

The food fight continues to clatter off the rails:

Rishika Dugyala / Politico:

Trump labels top Pence aide a ‘Never Trumper’  —  President Donald Trump on Sunday labeled one of his vice president’s top national security aides a “Never Trumper,” a day after it was disclosed that she had said the president’s July call with Ukraine was “unusual and inappropriate” in a deposition to Congress.

I had a great hook. I was going to talk about how Aristophanes’ play The Clouds upset Socrates (and Plato) because Aristophanes lumped Socrates in with the Sophists, whom Socrates considered his arch rivals. Wikipedia:

Bust of Socrates

Retrospectively, The Clouds can be considered the world’s first extant “comedy of ideas” and is considered by literary critics to be among the finest examples of the genre. The play also, however, remains notorious for its caricature of Socrates and is mentioned in Plato’s Apology as a contributor to the philosopher’s trial and execution….

But, alas, facts got in the way. For a Republican, this is not an impediment (that’s called “foreshadowing” kiddies) but it is problematic for everyone else. Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day

Née Armistice Day.

Some visual thoughts:

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Happy Moon Day 50th Anniversary Edition

I already wrote this, and have posted annually for years.

moon jumpThere’s something a little “different” about this photo.

Sadly, most coverage has been nationalistic and jingoistic.

Let me tell you this: the moon landing will be remembered long after “USA” has been forgotten.

Here’s the 47th annual post. (Sometimes known as “A Secret History of Neil Armstrong”)

Beware of penny ante poker players.

And can we PLEASE have a permanent holiday for “Moon Day”? It’s important.


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Day 888 for Prez 666

Yesterday, my capacity for rage over-topped my facility for language: I was dumbstruck by dumb and evil.

Pretty sure he’s found his Lord.

Today, there are too many things to say.

To recap: this morning, Deedle Dumpling got in his big aereoplane and flew off to Japan, pausing to engage in some light-hearted bullying and jovial intimidation.

  • He got Japan and/or the G-20 to remove offensive language about global warming that might NOT hasten humanity’s extinction.
  • He managed to ejaculate that it’s none of our business what he talks to Putin about.

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Branded: Barr-None

White House and Justice Dept. Officials Discussed Mueller Report Before Release
 New York Times

—  WASHINGTON — Robert S. Mueller III’s findings will be public on Thursday, but some of them will not be news to President Trump.  —  Justice Department officials have had numerous conversations …

These facts are indisputable:

William Barr had prejudged the Mueller investigation — his letter delineating that prejudice got him his job interview, and, subsequently, his job.

The ethics lawyers at Justice had, for that reason, advised that he recuse himself from that investigation.

Barr overruled them.

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Trump and the Smallpox Blankets


Trump wants to drop off southern border detainees in “Sanctuary Cities.” And no one even blinks. Just another crazy news story in another crazy news cycle.  beg to differ. This is one of the most horrific and consequential acts of an already horrific and consequential presi-dfunce-y thus far. And we would do well to cultivate our outrage.

Trump’s plan to send migrant detainees to sanctuary cities draws concerns about cost, legality
Maria Sacchetti / Washington Post

—  Should President Trump follow through on a proposal to release migrants in U.S. “sanctuary cities,” it would be a major departure from the way federal agencies are handling detainees.

THERE’s some outrage, eh? Continue reading


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