An Historical Cycle Ends

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CNN Money, that most astute of websites, tracked down recent blog retiree and superstar Andrew Sullivan, who gave an interview, probably, prefacing the publication of his book, which will keep him in the media crosshairs:

Andrew Sullivan: Blogging nearly killed me
Tom Kludt / CNNMoney

For years, Andrew Sullivan blogged at a prolific rate.  —  His prodigious output was supplemented by dispatches from readers, public debates with fellow bloggers and ruminations on everything from the Geneva Conventions to “South Park.”

Timing: he announced his “retirement” from blogging on Wednesday,  January 28th,  and this is the followup story by the same reporter on Monday, March 30th. That’s 61 Julian Days.* Or precisely two average months.

[* January 28th was Julian Day  2,457,050. March 30th is Julian Day 2,457,111.

 61 days.

[To make it easier, throw out 2,457, 000 days and just subtract 50 from 111.

[This little trick comes in handy for figuring out days occupied, thirty, sixty and ninety day values, etcetera. Little tax time tallying tip. and here’s a handy dandy Julian Date Converter from the US Naval Observatory, which your tax dollars fund, and note that Julian Dates are not actually Julian Dates, but are actually Julian Figs, as in try to Fig-ure out what they did by resetting the Julian clock back to “noon Universal Time on January 1, 4713 BCE (on the Julian calendar)” There are Gregorian dates, as in today is Gregorian Day 735,687 of the “Common Era” or “The Calendar formerly known as Anno Domini” or “A.D.” which is now “CE” as “BCE” is what used to be called “Before Christ” or “B.C.” This has caused stiff resistance by cartoonist J0hnny Hart who refuses to rename his daily strip about cavemen living in harmony with pterodactyls—too many t-shorts, evidently, having been sold.]

physical formulae

Here’s the pithy quote (don’t they proofread this stuff?):

“[Andrew]Sullivan has been lying low since he penned his farewell post for “The Dish,” the politics and culture blog he founded in 2000. “

Evidently, the more self-employed he was, the bigger slavedriver his boss became.

No one could stand that strain. Wisely, he resigned for his health.

We wish him well.  Ness.


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