I Wish The Racists Would Get Their Races Right

The brain-dead headline says it all:

There are a few reasons.  Political calculation isn’t one of them.  —  President Barack Obama’s decision to nominate Merrick Garland, a 63-year-old white moderate and perennial short-lister, to the Supreme Court …

Really? Have we come so far down the road of “diversity” that the only thing that matters is race?


Well, baby klanswomen and klansmen of the Pee Cee: Garland isn’t white. He’s a JEW.

Worse, his mother, wife and daughters are Jews TOO. (Remember, “Jewishness” is passed matrilineally.)

What? You ask. Isn’t a Jew a White Man?

No, Virginia. No he’s not. Ask any Jewish male in America and he’ll tell you: the old Antisemitism still lurks, as virulent as it was in the days of “covenants” that guaranteed that no white home owner would ever sell his white home to a filthy JEW.

Or look at the treatment of creepy old Jack Warner by the even creepier Nixon White House: he could almost be a Republican “insider” but no matter what he did, he was still … a JEW.

Hell, listen to the Watergate Tapes. Nixon’s Antisemitism is clear and clean and unmistakable.

So don’t pretend that a Jew is a White Man. There are too many drops of Jewish blood in the water to whitewash that crazy notion.

If you’re going to be a racist, at least get your races right. (Otherwise, you look even more a fool than you look already. )

After a lifetime of watching people being accused of Antisemitism, and having worked to stop that same stupidity, I cannot believe that thousands of years of prejudice and intolerance are summarily jettisoned because … we want to SCREAM AND RAIL AGAINST THE BLACK MAN NOT NOMINATING A “minority.”

3d human with red stop sign on white background

Well, kiddies, Jews are DEFINITELY a minority. In fact, MEN are a minority.

But that’s not really the point, is it?

Pee Cee BS has reached such dizzying heights of “tolerance” that we are significantly MORE obsessed with race and ancestry than the KKK was in its first, second or third incarnations. EVERYTHING is about race. Everything is about “minority” status. Not even a scintilla of the old notions of equality, or justice being “color blind” are now even given lip service.

And that is not merely a social tragedy, it is a crime against the very notion of diversity.

Here we are in the election season, trading generalized racial and ethnic groups like boys used to trade baseball cards: Hey! I got two Asian-American women. Can I trade for two African American men? Or how about I give you two  Asian-American women for one Latino and two other religious cultists to be named later?

Three_wise_monkeys_figure-Public Domain

This is beneath us, but I priomise you, bringing it up will be MORE controversial than conveniently turning a Jewish jurist into a “White Man” for the purposes of Politically Correct racism and bigotry. Remember: PRO-somebody bigotry is just as pernicious as ANTI-somebody bigotry, both based merely on demographic and superficial similarities.

Is Merrick Garland “white”?

Funny: I recently watched Gregory Peck in “Gentleman’s Agreement” where he pretended to be Jewish to do an undercover newspaper story on prejudice and Antisemitism. I am POSITIVE that every Jew in that film would laugh themselves silly to hear a Jew called a “White Man” just to further some notion of racial prejudice based on gender and skin color that actively discriminates against all “White Men” in favor of minorities to be named later.

And that’s what this is. They don’t even bother naming their preferred “races” or racial candidates. Just ANYBODY but a “white man.”

Well, this may not be a lot of things, but one thing it is is anti-American, and an affront to ANY notions that the self evident truth “all [hu]men are created equal.”

And using the devil’s tools for godliness never worked.

A word to the wise ought to be sufficient, but it won’t be.

This is nothing less than a fundamental betrayal of the whole notion of equality and meritocracy. And when you remove them from the IDEA that is America, there isn’t much left except a lot of bunting.


If you are going to be a racist — even for supposedly “correct” and “right thinking” reasons — at least have the good grace to get your races right. Garland can’t be a “White Man” for purposes of racialist contortions about race and, in many of the same fora, be quietly decried because now the Supreme Court will be dominate by Catholics and Jews.

Set phasers to “stun” and sheet color to “white.”


So I might as well stop here while you limber up your pitchforks and torches to attack the boy who claimed that a “white man” wasn’t a Jew — for any purposes of racialized generalization, stereotyping and mindless bigotry in the name of anti-bigotry.

Next up: atheism in service to God. Be there.

This is unacceptable and Mr. Beutler needs to be sneered at with all the derision we can muster.

Racism is NEVER cool.



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2 responses to “I Wish The Racists Would Get Their Races Right

  1. My reply to several comments on crossposted versions of this piece:

    Thank you for your thoughts. I in no wise intended to deny any man his whiteness. Quite the contrary.

    For most of American history, “White” was actually a simplified spelling of WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant). And what was meant by “old white guy” was the new generic white — remember when there were Polish and Irish and Italian and so on and so forth neighborhoods and you had to be careful about what neighborhoods you could and couldn’t walk through, depending on your relative non-shade of European skin?). This sudden notion that all “white men” are of the same group comes as a shock to ten thousand years of European casualties of war.

    Still, steering strictly along the “White”/”Persons of Color” lines, the notion that some “old white guy” is automatically given a ticket to the back of the bus is a profound misunderstanding of Rosa Parks’ act of civil disobedience on December 1, 1955.

    I believe and agree that Jews are “White men.” but, it seems to me that Jewish “guys” have wrongly borne the same insecurity about religious toleration and the USA going back to:

    From George Washington to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, Rhode Island, 18 August 1790

    While I receive, with much satisfaction, your Address replete with expressions of affection and esteem; I rejoice in the opportunity of assuring you, that I shall always retain a grateful remembrance of the cordial welcome I experienced in my visit to Newport, from all classes of Citizens.

    The reflection on the days of difficulty and danger which are past is rendered the more sweet, from a consciousness that they are succeeded by days of uncommon prosperity and security. If we have wisdom to make the best use of the advantages with which we are now favored, we cannot fail, under the just administration of a good Government, to become a great and a happy people.

    The Citizens of the United States of America have a right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy: a policy worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship It is now no more that toleration is spoken of, as if it was by the indulgence of one class of people, that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural rights. For happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens, in giving it on all occasions their effectual support.

    It would be inconsistent with the frankness of my character not to avow that I am pleased with your favorable opinion of my Administration, and fervent wishes for my felicity. May the Children of the Stock of Abraham, who dwell in this land, continue to merit and enjoy the good will of the other Inhabitants; while every one shall sit in safety under his own vine and figtree, and there shall be none to make him afraid. May the father of all mercies scatter light and not darkness in our paths, and make us all in our several vocations useful here, and in his own due time and way everlastingly happy.

    Go: Washington


    It would seem rather churlish to now lump Jews–both ethnic and religious–into the “old white guys” category, having wrongly suffered so many indignities and discriminations from the selfsame “old white guys” that the essayist wants to lump Judge Merrick Garland.

    Is he “White”? Yes, if it matters and it OUGHT not. But in the prejudicial sense? No.

    Certainly, I deny no one their whiteness, nor their self-proclaimed shade or lack of coloration entirely. America is not a nation, but a NOTION. There is no such thing as a pure “American” in a racial sense. We are not a people. We are an idea. And we betray that idea when we insist that our dreary failure to live up to the NOTION is OK and start nitpicking about which skin color gets preferential treatment.

    Yes, we fail to live up to Washington’s vision of who we are, but that doesn’t mean that he was wrong, or that we should abandon that vision.

    Nonetheless, as Washington said, we TRY to hew to a line of strict tolerance and the equality of all men before law.

    Even in our choices for the Supreme Court.

    We don’t always succeed, but sometimes we do.


  2. He is not a gentile, but he is still white. I think you are reaching on this one. He is a lovely man, though.