SCOTUS sells US out

Recount Protests at Florida Supreme Court, December, 2000

 Pete Williams / NBC News:

Supreme Court agrees to consider whether Trump’s tax records should be released  —  By granting review of these cases now, the justices made it possible for them to be heard during the current court term.  —  WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear President Donald Trump’s appeal …

The Supreme Court waited a day so as not to plop this jurisprudential turd on the American table.

Yesterday was the 19th Anniversary of the death of the American democracy (December 12, 2000) in Bush v. Gore, where the prior SCROTUS decided that the VOTE was NOT the basis of American constitutional democracy, but, rather, that George W. Bush would be irreparably harmed if the Florida recount was allowed to proceed.*

[*Gore won, BTW.  Even discounting the tens of thousands of voters purged to effect Bush’s subsequent “victory.” Just as we discount the tens of tens of thousands of voters purged nationwide by Kris Kobach of Kansas in his “Crossfire” scam.]

But, significantly, they decided to drop this on the same day that Articles of Impeachment were approved by the House Judiciary committee. That’s can’t be an accident, no more than the Ayatollah releasing the hostages during Reagan’s inauguration was a coincidence. It was a MESSAGE.

I wrote this on Facebook on November 17th:

The clock is ticking on SCOTUS.

It is PERFECTLY OK for John Roberts to issue a *temporary stay* while the court decides whether to take the case. Because to NOT issue a stay would render the appeal moot. (The plaintiffs would suffer ‘irreparable harm’ to their case). That’s pro forma.

All well and good. BUT, if the court accepts and sits on the case, even if they rule against Trump, we will have ceded the separation of powers and guaranteed the end of the American Republic.

The smart move would be to reject the appeal and let the DC Circuit’s decision stand. It would be the patriotic move, as well. But we may have a Quisling Court, too.

The clock is ticking.

SCOTUS knows that hearing the cases in MARCH would derail any impeachment investigation, NO MATTER THE OUTCOME. And, SCOTUS has no real reason to pretend that a lawful subpoena for criminal conduct in NO WISE doesn’t pertain to any president. The issue was decided in United States v. Nixon long ago. (I still remember it.)

sotu scotus0The flim flam man and his enablers

Thus, this action is dilatory, and the four SCOTUS “justices” who voted to grant cert know it.

We are a banana republic.

Except that now we’re not even a Republic.



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