The Non-Stock Market Responds to COVID-19

‘The sleep of reason breeds monsters’ – Goya

Italy is freaking out:

Confusion spreads as Italy tries to lock down 16 million people

Washington Post  ROME — Italy on Sunday launched a complicated and urgent plan to restrict the movement of roughly 16 million people, a measure that unleashed confusion about how it could be enforced and whether it would be enough to slow the spread of the coronavirus….

Meanwhile  here at home, there seems to be a run on “survival supplies,” as an accidental view on Amazon seems to point out.

Last year, on May 4, I purchased a 30-day emergency  supply of food, apropos of nothing, save that it seemed prudent.

It cost, on Amazon Prime, $89.06.

My May 4,  2019 order

By accident, I decided to take  look at the page last night. The cheapest offering was $290.88.  That was gone Sunday morning, and the cheapest you could get was $299.97.

Half an hour later, as I went to write this, that was gone, and the lowest price you could find on Amazon was $350.

click to enlarge

And the high price was $400.

today @ 4:44 PM PDT

Anecdotal, perhaps , but an authentic snapshot of “supply and demand” in a panic situation.

Clearly people ARE panicking, as the precipitous price increases on a 30-day emergency food supply indicates.

Certainly better than Jim Bakker’s quack silver “cure” — that the NY Attorney General has, thankfully issued a cease and desist order on — but evidence of the same phenomenon.

The survivalists are stocking up  on emergency food rations. Along with Australia’s runs on toilet paper, I’d say that the population is freaked out over the pandemic.

All the while our news media dither on getting the proper information out there, as does our “stable genius.”

This ain’t how you handle a public health crisis, kiddies.

Remind me to tell you my Herpes/Maureen Down story.


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