Mistaking Secession for Cessation


Washington Post:

Rallies against stay-at-home orders grow as Trump sides with protesters  —  Protesters at state capitols across the country this week expressed their deep frustration with the stay-at-home orders that are meant to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, pushing a message that is rapidly coalescing among …

It isn’t often that you see actual lemmings running off of actual cliffs.

Then again, it isn’t often that you see the remnants of the Tea Party, the Atlas Shrugged crowd and the less couth of Donald J. (the “J” stands for “Judas”) Trump’s followers with their Confederate flags and their Nazi flags demonstrating against Evil Big Government for trying to keep them from getting killed by a worldwide pandemic that has, as of this writing,  killed 38,932 of their fellow citizens while they maunder on about their “individual rights.”

Just as one does NOT have an absolute right to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, one ALSO does not have an absolute right to infect their fellow citizens with an incurable virus.

This nuance seems lost on them.

They have mistaken secession from that horrible “big government” for cessation of life functions, a la HAL-9000 in the latter portion of 2001 A Space Odyssey.

HAL 9000

Which makes one wonder: are they auto-granting themselves Darwin Awards?

Good. Grief.

This notion of extreme individualism (carried to a fetishistic and fantastical level) which formed Ayn Rand’s philosophy has never been seen so starkly limned against pure species survival — which it contradicts.

This will prove no impediment to the protesters who idiotically die for no good reason other than their own willful ignorance, but might prove useful in contemplation to the survivors.

Although that is dubious. Humans have a damn-near infinite capacity for rationalization.


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