The Wall Street Journal defines ‘media bias’ — OOPS!

How corrupt is the Wall Street Journal?


Today, an “op-ed” with “former CBS News” chief Gordon Van Sauter decried media bias. (Except for the little intentionally suppressed fact below).


Opinion | The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point

A return to balance would be commercially unviable [sic]. The best solution may be an honest embrace of bias.

Van Gordon Sauter
May 25, 2020 2:21 pm ET

The WSJ pushes Sauter’s CBS bona fides, without mentioning his actual tenure (Wikipedia):

Sauter was a two-time president of CBS News, serving as president of CBS News from 1982 until 1983 and again in 1986…. In 1992, he was hired to be the president of the new Fox News division.

Oopsies! HOW did they miss that little tidbit, indicating, perhaps BIAS?


(The official term here ought to be “disgruntled former CBS employee.“)

Among the more hilarious pronouncements in the Wall Street Journal “article” was this:

Publications open about their bias might feel freer to focus on the specifics: story selection, presentation, facts, fairness, balance. Not devoid of subtlety for sure, but manageable.

Journalism affects social cohesion. Convinced of its role and its legitimacy, however, the media doesn’t seem to much care. And the other side can certainly enjoy throwing rotten tomatoes at distant targets.

Considering the blatant bias of the Fox News Channel (never admitted) the WSJ’s editorial page, and, increasingly, the Rupert Murdoch news portion, this is about as blatant and laughable a projection as any pot lectured any kettle for being black.

We now inhabit a world of blatant GOPaganda, all the while adopting the notion that ANY “bias” on the part of OTHER media (when they say “media” they NEVER mean themselves, oddly enough). What? Aren’t they “media”? Don’t they engage in “journalism”?

REPUBLICAN projection

Evidently not.

And so it goes with the Lugenpresse (the lying press, as Adolf Hitler famously used the term to silence the Weimar Republic‘s ‘free’ press) and the endless quest of the GOP to “get even” for Dick Nixon being “kicked around” in 1962.

lugen presse fake news

How about they come out for fair elections, fair debate and fair news?

Naw: they’d lose and they ofttimes admit it straight up.

So much for democracy.

The delegitimization of the free press is the FIRST step on the road map to totalitarianism. The WSJ’s blatantly biased story is Exhibit A.


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