The Great White Hype


You have to admit this much: the White GOPs find themselves, increasingly, defending the indefensible with increasingly flaccid tropes.


Defending discrimination against LGBT. Defending voting against Veterans’ (desperately needed) benefits. Defending NOT doing anything to lift the boot heel of the recession from American throats. Defending NOT doing anything about the increasingly apocalyptic weather of Global Warming. Defending torture. Defending War Crimes and criminals. Defending NOT doing anything to pay for their war debt. Defending keeping people from getting health care.

Defending TRANS FATS?!??

Oh, and defending racial murders.

Lindsey Graham: Charleston Shooter May Have Been ‘Looking for Christians to Kill’
Matt Wilstein / Mediaite

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just happened to be scheduled to appear on The View Thursday morning.  But because of the deadly mass shooting at a black church in his home state last night …

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Eight Hundred Years of Magna Carta

The return to democracy that culminated in the American Revolution can truly be said to have begun on June 15, 1215.


The Magna Carta (originally known as the Charter of Liberties) of 1215,
written in iron gall ink on parchment in medieval Latin, using standard
abbreviations of the period, authenticated with the Great Seal of King John.
The original wax seal was lost over the centuries. This document is held at
the British Library and is identified as “British Library Cotton MS Augustus II.106”.

As is usual for venerated objects and moments, the Magna Carta of 1215 is not more authentic than the Battle of Bunker Hill. The former was repudiated and only reinstated fitfully and imprecisely; the latter was fought on Breed’s Hill. Continue reading

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The all-new 2015 HVS has arrived!

I began my webpage, His Vorpal Sword (as opposed to this blog, his vorpal sword), in the fall of 1995, in the last century and last millennium.

It won a Gold Medal at the 1996 World Internet Exposition (the first “virtual” world’ fair.)


Now, for 2015, I’ve brought it up to date, with the old webpage’s ghosts, mathoms and poltergeists lurking just beneath the slick, glossy surface.

Please take a look.

my webpage

Click on pic to enlarge. Click here to go there. CLICK on the book for SFX!

And remember:

Believing in imaginary lines is one thing. 

Standing in them is quite another.

click to see the original "His Vorpal Sword"!



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What the Founding Fathers Feared

There was a reason for the Second Amendment, but it was not to give every lunatic a gun.

union cavalry american civil war soldier blowing bugle riding horse holding an American stars and stripes flag  and words memorial day honor the brave.

Memorial Day was originally to honor Union Dead. It was stolen
by Congress, while CONFEDERATE Memorial Day continues
unabashed and unabated. There is much wrong in this.

No, it was to give “We, the People” a check against the Banana Republic Syndrome of a strong military, divorced from the people that would eventually take over the government and rule as a Military Junta. I realize that this statement is anachronistic (there were no banana republics in 1787) but their wisdom in this regard has been proven time and time again.

Richard Nixon (surprise!) managed to destroy the tripod of America’s military ( A professional “core” army, as one leg; state militias as one leg, a conscripted or volunteer army DRAWN UP IN TIME OF NATIONAL EMERGENCY as the third leg of the tripod) with the volunteer army.

Los Angeles Times

Multi-generational military families like the Graveses form the heart of the all-volunteer Army, which increasingly is drawing its ranks from the relatively small pool of Americans with historic family, cultural or geographic connections to military service. While the U.S. waged a war in Vietnam 50 years ago with 2.7 million men conscripted from every segment of society, less than one-half of 1% of the U.S. population is in the armed services today …

And here is the buried lede [emphasis added]: Continue reading

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Of Gunfights and Boiling Frogs


You can always leave it to the ideologues of the Right to view events through funhouse mirror lenses:

Making the comparison with Baltimore, many on the left — Salon’s Jenny Kutner, to take an example — demanded to know why the media did not describe the events in Waco as a “riot.” The answer, obviously enough, is that the event in Waco was not a riot — it did not represent a general state of civil disorder, there were no mobs targeting property for destruction, etc. What happened in Waco was accurately described — in the New York Times, the Waco Tribune, USA Today, and many other outlets — as a gunfight. Also chaos, biker gang shooting, the work of very dangerous, hostile criminal biker gangs, and, in case that is not strong enough for your taste, something akin to a war zone. What happened in Baltimore was not a gunfight.

Thanks National Review Online. Second paragraph of the story is the patented Limbaugh Ourbouros Argument, formerly known as the straw man in the one-person debate: a tissue-thin monolith is constructed and then “demolished” in the public square (and not the pubic hair.) But it completely misses the point. Continue reading

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Why David Duke Was Never Allowed To Speak


I’m going to be talking about the worst kind of hate imaginable herein, so those with delicate sensibilities, please be warned: Caveat Lector.

2016 gop klan kkk

Got your attention? Good.

Let me tell you a little story from college days, and then I’ll scare hell out of you.

David Duke was on the TCU speakers’ list. The lily-white administration realized what it would be like for a secesh school (TCU was founded by two ex-Confederate officers), whose athletic program depended on importing Blacks, to have a KKK Grand Wizard speak. They overruled the student-led speaker’s committee and canceled David Duke.  Continue reading

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I give you my sprig of lilac

This is the day that last week’s Appomattox Anniversary was ignored in favor of, as we shall re-enact the American Passion Play yet again. But let me first show you two drawings and then what I wrote for Lincoln’s 200th Birthday in 2009.


Abraham Lincoln died  7:22:10 a.m. on April 15, 1865. He was 56.

And: Continue reading

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