Our Crossed Stars

I remember many New Hampshire primaries, and this one is of a different order entirely.

spel free

You see, in any previous year, the results would have been big news. This year, an overactive if under-reporting and over-blathering media has successfully welded infotainment news with reality TV to create the hit series “Who Wants to be President®” now in its second season!

Naturally, the seasoned Reality Show star took the lead and kept it, to the consternation of those sad remaining dinosaurs who believed that substance (even the granfalloon whoop-de-do alternate Universe Dark Matter substance of modern GOP politics) still matters in politics.  New Hampshire vindicated the polls, and no one was really surprised. Bernie Sanders “crushed” Hillary Clinton and it was a ho-hum. Continue reading


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Much Ado About Not Much

It’s important that I write this before the results are known.

USA decides

The Iowa causes have been meaningful previously exactly twice, and then only for the Democratic Party.*

[* explained below.]

For the Republicans, Iowa has been a bust.  Consider last time (2012): “Mitt Romney” WON the Iowa caucuses. Oh wait. RICK SANTORUM  won, but by the time it was known it was too late to do Santorum any good. The media buzz (and that’s all Iowa actually supplies)  had already gone to Romney, the ultimate loser.

Ironically, the ACTUAL winner of Iowa was Ron Paul, who ended up winning 22 of Iowa’s 28 delegates at the state convention. The whole GOP side of Iowa is basically the single most expensive straw poll in the history of the world, with the actual results decided at the state party convention many months later.  Continue reading

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Holy Guacamole! The Primates Have Spoke

When I first saw this item, I was certain that it was  some joke site, a parody from Borowitz, you know. Humor:

canterbury and its archbishop

Statement from Primates 2016?  Seriously.  Continue reading

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Some Notes on the Death of David Bowie

“Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.”
– Friedrich Schiller, Die Jungfrau von Orleans (The Maid of Orleans) (1801), Act III, sc. vi


From counterbalance to the agit-prop of Faux Nooz™
an also-ran tabloid cable news network,
fall from grace has been precipitous.

This is what I hate about “journalism.” The utter stupidity and superficiality of its proponents (generally). Continue reading

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And Now, This …

Anyone who knocks rock ‘n’ roll either doesn’t understand it,
or is prejudiced against it, or is just plain square.

~Ricky Nelson– NME – November 1958

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

gop screaming

Why else do you think they was buyin alla them guns?



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The War Between the (Mental) States

opperguncontrolFrederick Burr Opper’s “A Dangerous American Institution-
The Free and Untrammeled Revolver,” from December 14th, 1881.
click pic for original (public domain)

You’ve no doubt heard the news:

Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters
Les Zaitz / Oregonian (Portland)

 Update at 9:15 p.m.: Statement from Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward: “After the peaceful rally was completed today, a group of outside militants drove to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, where they seized and occupied the refuge headquarters….
I’ve talked about this before. And before and before. Most recently in this piece about the all-important political substrate that is undergirding our eventual vi0lence (and remember, if you get enough angry nuts with guns, eventually shooting IS going to happen; and don’t lost any sleep over the fact that now 45 states have “open carry” laws, a situation UNHEARD of just a few years ago — TELL me that a nation now armed to the teeth and openly displaying guns isn’t on the verge of civil insurrection) :

Continue reading

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The War on Women is Real


The war on women  became a shooting war today (as though it weren’t already) as the latest target of the rabid anti-abortion anti-choice forces who believe that real women are trumped by imaginary babies was attacked by a murderous gunman, killing real people to save potential babies.

“We still have a gunman that is out there,” a police spokeswoman says
Jesse Paul / Denver Post:

At least one police officer has been injured in an ongoing active shooter situation at a Colorado Springs branch of Planned Parenthood Friday afternoon.  —  Lt. Catherine Buckley, a Colorado Springs police spokeswoman …

There. I have revealed my horrible bias in the first line of the lede and we’ll talk about what is going to happen, as is customary in current big time media. Continue reading

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