The Non-Stock Market Responds to COVID-19

‘The sleep of reason breeds monsters’ – Goya

Italy is freaking out:

Confusion spreads as Italy tries to lock down 16 million people

Washington Post  ROME — Italy on Sunday launched a complicated and urgent plan to restrict the movement of roughly 16 million people, a measure that unleashed confusion about how it could be enforced and whether it would be enough to slow the spread of the coronavirus….

Meanwhile  here at home, there seems to be a run on “survival supplies,” as an accidental view on Amazon seems to point out. Continue reading

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Joe Biden, Super Tuesday and Missionary Ridge

super tuesday

I watched the aftermath of Super Tuesday yesterday, and was astonished at the sheer imbecility of our pundits and talking heads. Then I read the navel gazing of our print mavens, and I have to say:


Let me tell you a story, about WHY General Douglas MacArthur spent his entire life trying to live up to his father, Arthur MacArthur, who won the Medal of Honor for his actions at the Battle of Missionary Ridge, in Chattanooga, Tennessee in November of 1863.

When we’re done, you will understand what the pundits (and most Civil War historians) missed. Continue reading

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Grievance Politics Trumps Rational Thought


CNN and MSNBC both had similar panels. Elizabeth Warren could ONLY (by implication) have lost because of …

Amanda Terkel / HuffPost:

Elizabeth Warren Could Never Escape The Baggage Of Being A ‘Female Candidate’  —  She was qualified.  She persisted.  But sexism still mattered.  —  Elizabeth Warren wasn’t trying to be the first female president.  —  She wanted to be president.  She wanted to cut banks down to size and relieve student debt.

This was the original article written yesterday before Warren dropped out:

Jessica Valenti / GEN?—?:

It Will Be Hard to Get Over What Happened to Elizabeth Warren  —  I’ve had to come to terms with America’s sexism again and again  —  knew going into Super Tuesday that Elizabeth Warren was unlikely to win big.  I had prepared myself for that.  What did take me by surprise, though …

I know. On Facebook, I had to bite my tongue mightily when a poster wrote a long bit about how Bernie’s loss showed JUST HOW PREVALENT ANTISEMITISM is in America.


Moreover, the author was a Black woman.

We are headed down a dark and stupid road. Continue reading

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Shaving with William of Occam


detective-face sheer luck sherlock

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. — Sherlock Holmes

Think about this for a moment:

Trump’s new intel chief makes immediate changes, ousts top official
Brooke Seipel / The Hill

—  President Trump’s new acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, has already made major changes at the agency, including ousting the No. 2 official.

—  Former acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire and his deputy, Andrew Hallman, resigned on Friday. According to The New York Times, Grenell told Hallman, who has worked for national intelligence and the CIA for three decades, that his service was no longer needed.…

Please note that the new “acting” director has ZERO experience in intelligence, whatsoever.

I say that because the “media” seems to have forgotten that deductive logic is also factual. The question: What does this mean? is not purely confined to the Op-ed pages, nor has it ever NOT been part of the journalist’s  Who What When Where Why. Continue reading

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Topless Girls on Skates on Ice

I don’t actually want to know any more THAN this:

Topless protesters storm stage as Bernie Sanders campaigns in Nevada
Shant Shahrigian / New York Daily News

—  A group of protesters blew their tops — literally — as Sen. Bernie Sanders was campaigning in Carson City, Nev., on Sunday.  —  The Democratic presidential hopeful had just finished introducing his wife Jane O’Meara Sanders as …

Heck: Topless girls on skates on ice, just thirty miles away in Reno.

That’s relatively normal for Nevada, which is, on balance, FAR more normal than these days of madness in which we (by “we” I mean “we” as in “We, the People”) now find ourselves enmired.


Continue reading

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A Valentine’s Day Surprise

the-fractal-heart (2)
The fractal heart

For some reason, the local alternative paper decided to “out” me. I say this because when I got to town, there were giant billboards stating REAL MEN DON’T NEED PORN.

But then, I have never tried to hide my past, so it’s not all that important. In this modern world, I am presented with a dilemma: my profession demands self-promotion (a/k/a ‘bragging’) as a distasteful and yet necessary part of marketing.

I have always hated it, but it’s here, so here it is. Continue reading

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This Is Going To Be Ugly


Well, day one of actual voting (as opposed to Quisling horse-race coverage of personalities and not issues, and endless polling — which we now all consider questionable) has concluded and it’s a MESS.


And there I stopped a couple days ago. I had my suspicions. Cui bono: who benefits?

We are in for a world of hurt, kiddies.

Oh, and Louisiana Republicans?

As Louisiana GOP censures Mitt Romney, David Duke laughs
Quin Hillyer / Washington Examiner

The same Louisiana Republican Party that 30 years ago refused to censure former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke decided last Saturday to censure Sen. Mitt Romney.  —  The mind reels.  The stomach sickens. The Republican State Central Committee, the elected body that controls the internal governance of the state party, essentially said Romney for too long has been mean to poor, defenseless President Trump…. [emphasis added]

Add to that (the Clusterf*** in Iowa) the shame and eternal stain of the rigged and jury-tampered impeachment “trial” and the astonishing and utterly surprising Mitt Romney act of moral courage, and the Magic 8-Ball® was entirely clouded over. Continue reading

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The Trinity is Broken, Satan Presides

Republicans defeat Democratic bid to hear witnesses in Trump trial

—  The Senate on Friday night narrowly rejected a motion to call new witnesses in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, paving the way for a final vote to acquit the president by next week.  —  In a 51-49 vote …

The famed “three-part” government of checks and balances died today.

american tombstone

Obstruction of congress was the game changer, note: there is now no real impeachment power.  All is now raw, vile partisanship from snakes who have the temerity to claim that the OTHER side is the partisan side. Continue reading

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Two-Bit Shysters In Thousand Dollar Suits


Susan B. Glasser / New Yorker

—  Donald Trump’s lawyer says that the President can do just about anything he wants.  —  An hour into the Senate trial of Donald John Trump on Wednesday, the emeritus Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz came to the floor to answer …

Do you remember the Joe Biden/Sarah Palin debate?

I do.

“Mind if I call you ‘Joe’?”

The moment she said it, you knew the “fix” was in: some devious, demonic slur was just waiting, scripted, in the wings. But that was just the beginning.

Dumber than a post, there was no way to prep “barracuda” Sarah for an actual, semi-formal debate — a salient and vital part of public life going back to Athenian democracy.

The level of ignorance was shameful, but the party who pounded their chests braying their “morality” — while exhibiting a “shotgun” wedding couple on stage as some twisted nod to family values — had a plan: Sarah would just ignore public debate, rhetoric, facts and couth, and behave as barbarically as she could.

Nothing has changed. No one remarked on the disgusting and vile spectacle as adults or educated humans would. Somehow it was suddenly “normal” and her obscene performance was praised by those with zero standards whatsoever, i.e. the American public and punditry.

We now view an even MORE obscene spectacle. Continue reading

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Persiflage on Parade

1984 2020 MAGA ministry

At the moment of Constitutional crisis, THIS appears:

Ambassador Bolton, withdraw your book
Fred Fleitz / Fox News

—  “Tune in to see Fred’s exclusive interview with Laura Ingraham on ‘The Ingraham Angle’ at 10 PM ET on Fox News Channel.”  —  It was crushing to read weekend press reports that my friend and former boss John Bolton plans to publish a tell-all book …

Right. The horses have left the barn, so let’s buy a padlock for the door.

This is stuff from another dimension, probably Superman’s Bizarro World. Listen: Continue reading

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