The all-new 2015 HVS has arrived!

I began my webpage, His Vorpal Sword (as opposed to this blog, his vorpal sword), in the fall of 1995, in the last century and last millennium.

It won a Gold Medal at the 1996 World Internet Exposition (the first “virtual” world’ fair.)


Now, for 2015, I’ve brought it up to date, with the old webpage’s ghosts, mathoms and poltergeists lurking just beneath the slick, glossy surface.

Please take a look.

my webpage

Click on pic to enlarge. Click here to go there. CLICK on the book for SFX!

And remember:

Believing in imaginary lines is one thing. 

Standing in them is quite another.

click to see the original "His Vorpal Sword"!



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2 responses to “The all-new 2015 HVS has arrived!

  1. Neil Viker

    IT is great to see that you haven’t left the blog-world completely. I just dropped in recently and was surprised to see newer posts after your “farewell address”. Well done, Sir. We need your voice here — and out there — as your understanding of how things work is a noble and worthy activity. I know I will keep reading.
    Neil in Tujunga


    • Thank you for your kind words, Neil. After ten years, it seemed that I needed to spend some more time writing other stuff. I’ll continue to post occasionally on his vorpal sword, as well as The Moderate Voice and the Democratic Daily, but not regularly.